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รายละเอียดสินค้า-AUTO-SOLDERING SYSTEM (HU-200-05Z)



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รหัสสินค้า :   HU-200-05Z

สินค้า :   HU-200-05Z


รายละเอียด :

- - Easy-to-operate 4-axis + 1 (feeder) control soldering robot system
- Time-reduced programming work and excellent operability
- Useful functions to stabilize the soldering quality
- Soldering work and efficiency improvement

ราคา : 781,100.00 ฿


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Easy-to-operate 4-axis + 1 (feeder) control soldering robot system

All-in-one soldering robot system into which the solder feed controller and the programming software are incorporated. All operations such as soldering conditions including solder feed amount and heating time can be controlled collectively by the tablet PC provided as standard equipment.

Easy-to-operate 4-axis + 1 (feeder) control soldering robot system

> Collecting control from soldering conditions to robot control with the tablet PC provided as standard equipment

The tablet PC provided as standard equipment allows you to set all items, such as programming and soldering conditions, by the touch-panel operation on the same panel without connecting a teaching pendant or a PC.

> Pre-installed Easy Programming Software

An easy programming software (Easy Programming Software II) is preinstalled, which allows you to create a soldering program easily without expert knowledge about robots. This software also allows you to control the number of accumulated soldering points and work time. Thus, only setting the tip replacement timing allows the robot to undergo automatic stop.

> Easy teaching by EPS (Easy Positioning System)

Teaching can be intuitively made using the joystick. The joystick use feeling such as speed and inching pitch can be easily changed. When performing delicate position adjustment, setting the mode to inching pitch allows you to operate the robot as finely as 0.01 mm unit at minimum. Using the EIS (Easy Input Switch) allows you to input the coordinate of robot and feed steps automatically, which can reduce the teaching time.

> Convenient work origin and palletizing functions to shorten the teaching time

In the case of teaching with the same plural P.W.B.s arranged, programming is possible only by inputting the offset value from the original position. Soldering positions arranged at the same interval in the case of connectors, etc. can be soldered only by inputting the movement distance and number of soldering sessions after positioning at one section.

> Prevents malfunctions by reading 2D codes

Reading the barcode and QR code attached on a P.W.B. using a barcode reader allows you to select operation channels automatically. This prevents malfunctions by a worker’s mistake.
* A barcode reader is optional.

Useful functions to stabilize the soldering quality

> A feeder with solder balls and flux splash-prevention function provided as standard equipment

Cutting a V-groove on solder surface (as shown below) can prevent solder balls and flux from splashing.

> A brush-type cleaner provided as standard equipment

A brush-type tip cleaner is employed.
This brush type cleaner can remove not only residual solder but also carbide generated from burned flux.

> Quick and easy tip replacement by the tip position adjustment jig

If one more handpiece is prepared, another soldering tip can be mounted on the spare handpiece during operation of the robot.

Soldering quality and workability increased remarkably using 300 W high power

Using 300 W high power can improve the conventional failures “non-soldering due to insufficient heating” and “insufficient solder rising on through-hole back side”. Work requiring long heating time can be shortened drastically. In the case of fine work, the tip for 140 W can be also used.

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