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รายละเอียดสินค้า-เครื่องควบคุมอุณหภูมิหัวแร้ง (FX-805 (220V))
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รหัสสินค้า :   HFX805-05

สินค้า :   FX-805 (220V)

ประเภท :   เครื่องควบคุมอุณหภูมิหัวแร้ง

รายละเอียด :

•Heavy-duty soldering station with Ultra Power 400 W
•The fusion of Ultra Power & Operability
•The new design iron holder for safe tip replacement
•Human error-free temperature management
•Compatible with N2 system by purchasing N2 iron (FX-8005) as an optional accessory

ราคา : 29,960.00 ฿

The Fusion of Ultra Power & Operability Unleashes Heavy-Duty Soldering.
The Smallest, Lightest and Best Heavy-Duty Soldering Station

Ultra Power 400 W

Ultra Power FX-805 That Melts even a Solder Bar Quickly

FX-805 with 400 W composite heater, the highest wattage in HAKKO composite tips, achieves rapid heating.

It is best suited for soldering transformers or coils on power-supply boards or shield cases on communication device

Ultra Power FX-805 That Melts even a Solder Bar Quickly
Performance Comparison among Different Wattages
Performance Difference by Wattage
Click here to check out the video.

The New Composite Tip

The newly developed composite tip achieves 400 W Ultra Power.

Its high thermal capacity improves soldering productivity to 120%* of the conventional model.

  • *Comparison with FX-801 (300 W soldering station)
The New Composite Tip
  1. Improved Sensor Sensitivity
    The improved sensor is set close to the tip end and measures a more accurate temperature at the soldering point.
  1. The New Tip Design for Smoother Heat Transfer
    The volume of the heater body is 113%* of the conventional model without a change in diameter and improves thermal conductivity
  • Comparison with FX-801 (300 W soldering station)

Compact Design

The Lightest Handpiece in Heavy-Duty Soldering Stations with a Weight of approx. 50 g.

Despite its 400 W power, the handpiece is the lightest in the industry for comfortable operation. Please experience the outstanding performance.

For More Comfort for Less Stress

The 10%* thinner cord makes operation and handling smoother.

  • Comparison with the handpiece of FX-801 (300 W soldering station)

The New Design Iron Holder

Safe Tip Replacement

The new design iron holder with the tip removing attachment makes tip replacement safe and easy.

Removing a Tip

Removing a tip with the right groove of the attachment

Inserting a Tip

Inserting a tip by using the tip insertion holder

Click here to check out the video how to replace a tip.

Wireless Auto Sleep & Wireless Auto Shutoff Function

The sensor inside the handpiece detects if it is set on the holder and the station will activate auto sleep function / auto shutoff function. No connecting cable between the station and the iron holder is required, which allows free layout.

No connecting cable between the station and the iron holder

The sleep function will activate when the specified time passes after the handpiece is set on the holder.

The cordless design allows the free layout of the station.


Human Error-Free Operation & Traceability in Manual Soldering

The dedicated software automatically records set temperature, calibration/off-set, and tip sensor temperature in soldering. It prevents human error in such recording.

New Additional Tip Shapes

10 mm Wide Soldering Tip, Best Suited for Soldering Large Components

T37 series has a 10 mm wide tip in the lineup, which maximizes the performance of 400 W power.

Best suited for soldering large components with high thermal mass and thick wire harnesses.

Part number: T37-D10

Soldering Tip with V-groove to Improve Through-Hole Fill

The V-groove on the tip increases the contact area with land and component lead. As a result, it effectively transfers heat and improves through-hole fill, soldering quality and productivity.

Part number: T37-BCR4

The videos for the features of FX-805 are available.

Click here to check out the videos.


Compatible with N2 System (Option)

Replacing an iron part (FX-8004) with an optional N2 iron part (FX-8005), it enables use of N2 system.

N2 gas heated inside soldering iron is discharged from the tip end and it reduces the oxidation of tips. It also improves solderability with its preheat effects.

Click here for details.

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